We credit our volunteer officers and board members who continually take time from their daily responsibilities to help continue our work.

President: Vincent Vaiano, Mersant International Ltd.
Vice President: Leslie Bresnaider, Alba Wheels Up International LLC
Secretary: Jack Vero, Corbett International
Treasurer: Gary Scibelli, Overton & Co. Air Services Inc.


The Association officers, board of directors, committee chairs and our legal counsel meet monthly to discuss current issues, plan future meetings, seminars, etc.  We have seven general membership meetings per year and meet quarterly with CBP.

As the need arises, we meet with FDA, Fish & Wildlife and other government agencies. JFK Customs and APHIS representatives attend our regular January meeting and representatives of CBP from both JFK and the New York / New Jersey seaport attend our June membership meeting.

Along with our regularly scheduled meetings, we host as-needed seminars with the appropriate regulatory agencies for import and export issues that impact our members.  We endeavor to maintain an open dialogue with the relevant agencies to facilitate proper use of procedures and appropriate documentation. Whether the issues are commodity or process specific, we work to be an active voice and problem-solving association for our members.